London or Paris?

Midnight in Paris is a great movie by Woody Allen, about a love affair with the city of Paris. I went to see Midnight in Paris in London, however, and for me at least, it’s much more difficult to imagine how anybody might fall in love with London.

I suppose one way is to be French, or at least European or possible American. What is it that foreigners see in London? How can it have the same romantic appeal as Paris, the city of Love?

And the other question that doesn’t get asked often enough in my opinion, why do they sit on the roundabout at¬†Piccadilly¬†Circus in London?

There is such a contrast between the two cities I don’t know where to begin. I suppose Haussman’s architecture preserving the uniform style of building all over Paris is one of the defining features, while London is a hotch potch of wildly contrasting and clashing styles. On the other hand London does have a thriving theatreland district, hosting many more musicals and plays than Paris, if you only count the large Broadway style productions.


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