Parisian Shabby Chic Furniture

Parisian Shabby Chic Furniture

, originally uploaded by brocantegirl.

Isn’t this gorgeous? This painted wooden console table graces a simple entrance hall to a stylish Parisian apartment. The careful choice of a subtle grey paint and a few well chosen ornaments really shows that shabby chic furniture can be very elegant.
Personally I just want to stroll in there and settle down to some polite conversation, a few madeleines and perhaps a cup of lime blossom tea…
I would love to stroll over and look out that window. I wonder if I’d see the Seine below :-)
Back to reality. Tables like this are available in the UK to buy new. Scumble Goosie did one a few years ago but don’t have anything quite like this at the moment. Trouble is elegance does not come cheap and they can be quiet expensive.
Might be a good moment to continue my painted shabby chic furniture instructions.

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